Wine is now in the cross hairs.

Governments should make up their minds! Is Alcohol Bad?

We have politicians getting into the mix that alcohol consumption is now bad; not to mention that people have been consuming such beverages since millenniums before Christ.  In fact, Christ, who was faultless and did no harm, created fine wine from water at a wedding party.  “There is no safe level of drinking,” U.K. Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies told a British television interviewer. Authors of an article on these latest revelations, Justin Scheck and Tripp Mickle, reported: “Also in January, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services scrapped the part of its guidelines that said light drinking could lower the risk of heart disease for some people. Asked why, an HHS spokeswoman said more review was needed “to better understand health outcomes that may or may not be associated with moderate alcohol consumption.” So over the past, 6,000 years what is new?  I can remember in the late 60’s coffee was the cause of stomach cancer and was harmful to the kidney’s.  Now they recommend 4 or 5 cups a day because of anti-oxidant value.

In the 1970’s Time Magazine had a graphic on the cover of NY shrouded in snow and ice.  It heralded a coming new ice age for the world.  Now we have the Earth warming at an alarming pace. Can we full believe politicians and science that have political motives.

Even a lot of prescription drugs such as statins and Nexium are harmful to ones health. There was a time when asprin was looked upon as causing stomach ulcers; now most older adults take 1 asprin a day for life.  It does seem that politics can change science and rules as will. Note that they have not gone after other issues as aggressively.  But they did limit the size of soft drinks in NY.  Another example, in the 70’s politicians took up a fight to ban saccharin only to drop the crusade when there was no evidence that it caused cancer.  However, scientist thought it did cause cancer and what followed was a raging debate about the efficacy of saccharin.  This artificial sweetener was discovered in the 1800’s at John Hopkins University. by the way diabetics revolted when saccharin was to be removed from food products.

Point is, wine is still “good for thy stomach”.  Have your next off site meeting in Wine Country and enjoy the fruits of hard labor.