Great Meeting Locations For Your Group

Winetotal-wine can be a great addition for most any occasion. If done correctly, in the right setting, wine can add anticipation for an event, hype interest in most any get-together, and can be fun while building esprit de corps within a group.  But, it can be difficult to find a venue suitable for a meeting or gathering that is inexpensive, convenient and is wine centric.  Total Wine & More is the answer to such a dilemma and a great solution for your next club meeting, business conference or off-site presentation.

In over 130 locations around the U.S., Total Wine & More have complimentary facilities just waiting for the asking. These rooms come with LCD projectors and screens, speakers/microphones, tables and chairs, water and soft drinks (at extremely reasonable fee).  They have hosted board retreats, non-profits, school council meetings, and association meetings. Each venue is subject to state and local alcohol laws relative to wine that can be consumed on premise; but generally, Total Wine & More will provide a series of wine tastings for the group that is at least 10 people.  Further, group organizers can arrange for their own catered food or make it a “pot-luck” event.

To keep “all good things good and free” Total Wine & More does have some General Guidelines to help have a successful meeting/event at any of their stores:

  • Stop by the Total Wine & More you want to use for an event and take a look at the facility. While there, ask the staff about local laws that would impact your planning for wine services.
  • Outline the outside services you want to use (catering, speakers, table cloths, etc.) along with AV requirements.  As the old adage says-plan the event and work the plan.
  • Groups-
    • Groups/companies cannot sell products inside the store. Obviously, Total Wine & More is glad to sell their own products.
    • Banners, tent cards, and fliers are not allowed to be distributed- no in store marketing.  But the meeting room can be used for appropriate materials.
    • Minimum group size is 10.
    • Event/meeting planners can book the room twice in one month at a single location and can book rooms at any store around the country with the same restrictions.
  • Timing-
    • All request for free facilities must be booked 3 weeks in advance, booked 1 hour after store opens and until 2 hours before closing, and are available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
    • Meeting rooms are not available on days surrounding major holidays.
    • As always, best to check with idiosyncrasies pertaining to each store.
  • Technology-
    • Wi-Fi is generally available but check with the store relative to reception.  The store is not responsible for Wi-Fi issues.
    • Bring your own laptop.
  • Food and Drink-
    • Event/meeting coordinators may bring their own food or have it catered. If catered it is recommended the catering company call the store to check on power for food heating or cooking, size of area for food services and available tables, etc. Do not plan to have food cook at the venue.
    • All special wines in the room must be purchased from Total Wine & More and must be served by a team member. (This applies to special wines not being part of the normal wine tasting offerings.)
    • Spirits are not served in the room.
  • General-
    • No one is allowed in a meeting room that is under 21.
    • Rooms are not allowed for personal or business profit-such as a MLM (multi-level marketing) activity.
    • Attendees cannot exceed the legal capacity of the room. Check with the store location.
    • Organizers cannot pour any wine to their attendees.
    • State laws always are enforced by Total Wine & More for their own protection and the protection of the organizers.
    • Table cloths, eating utensils, and china are not provided.  Always check with a store team member for details.
    • Room cleanup is the responsibility of the organizer.

From a meeting planner’s perspective these restrictions are actually common sense.  I have been in total Wines & More when companies had off-site activities and from feedback I received from store managers, there are very few issues.  “We keep receiving request for the space and the team member staff certainly enjoy meeting the people and working with organizers,” said Mark Alvarez-Manager, Total Wine & More, Reno. https://totalwine.eventready.com/eventrequest/