“When [wines] were good they pleased my senses, cheered my spirits, improved my moral and intellectual powers, besides enabling me to confer the same benefits on other people.”

– George Saintsbury


Options for Napa/Sonoma:


Symtrek Partners chose Wine Country to be the centerpiece of its service offering because of its versatility, ambiance, diverse venues and unique culture; all that add to a unique experience.

The following are a sampling of 
elements of a successful program.

Cave Dinners
There are a number of prestigious wineries in Napa and Sonoma Counties that have caves for barrel storage and that are ideally suited for intimate catered gourmet dinners.  In addition, the dinners come with award-winning and collectible quality wines.

Vineyard/Winery Luncheons
Many more wineries and vineyard owners offer luncheons on the property that can be combined with other elements such as a wine tasting, blending classes and outdoor cooking.  We can even offer art classes for participants to paint an original painting of a winery or vineyard with a recognized artist.

Barrel Blending
Starting with an award-winning varietal barrel, a gifted winemaker will help you blend a wine that is specific to your tastes.  What better way to remember an event in Wine Country than to have a wine blended and bottled to your specifications?

Sailplane or Hot Air Ballooning Over Wine Country
Helicopter to just north of Calistoga, California for a remarkable experience viewing of Wine Country from a sailplane; or stay in Napa and enjoy a hot air balloon experience with wine and cheese.

The Crushing
Based upon the seasonality of your planned corporate event, small groups can work in harvesting the fruit and the processing the grapes to juice and fermentation.  This is a program in which participants receive two cases of wine for their efforts.

General Activities
Of course there are golf courses galore, great spas, fabulous restaurants such as the French Laundry, trekking experiences, and evening gatherings with some of the most respected winery owners and growers in the world.

Private Estates
There are many hidden gems to add an aura of elegance to the event.  These private estates add a sense of casualness yet sophistication to any small gathering.  Of course this setting comes with great wines and a private chef for unbelievable cultural meal experiences.