Study: Organic wine tastes better / Wine News

organic-wineAnother take on the organic wine movement. Everyone can interpret this data as they see fit. But the UCLA researchers have a great deal of data on the subject.  Take a look for yourself.  This is from a China publication.

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OH, it’s been 40 years now since the the Paris Tasting that shook the wine world and a revisit to those results was recently reconfirmed in a follow-up tasting challenge.

**(ChinaDaily) – Vino made from organic grapes fared better with critics by an average of 4.1 points

It’s official, organic wine (made from grapes grown without pesticides, fungicides or any otherartificial fertilisers) does taste better than non-organic wine.

A research team from the University of California used data from three leading winepublications – Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and the Wine Enthusiast – to “assess thequality of 74,148 wines produced in California between 1998 and 2009.”

The researchers used a standardised 100-point scale to control for differences between themagazines scoring systems and found that, on average, wines made with certified organicgrapes scored 4.1 points higher than non-organic.

Lead author of the report and UCLA environmental economist Magali Delmas said: “Thebottom line is that however we look at it, we find that organic and biodynamic farming hasthese small but significant positive effects on wine quality.

Source: Study: Organic wine tastes better / Wine News