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There Is a Vitality in Numbers-Brewery District in Reno Is Growing

Craft Beer adds value to a community by way of social community.

Doing an on-line search for “brewery districts” recently, I found many cities have designated areas to encourage a cohesive group of brewers to hang out a shingle for their taprooms and brews, making their respective districts a destination. The intent seems to be to add an element of vitality to an area of a city that encourages visits and commerce. Reno, officially or unofficially, has stepped out to designate a Reno Brewery District that had already been self-described by an organic assimilation. Having visited with all of them over time,  one can’t miss the feel that there is a palatable feel when you see what each brewer has done to put a mark on their brand of hand-crafted beer.

Slieve Brewing Logo
Slieve Brewing in the Reno Brewery District. The newest brewery in Reno.

The newest in the District is Slieve Brewing Co. They are next door to Pigeon Head Brewing on 5th Street in an old historic fire house. By their own comments they are a “small batch brewing operation”, says Phil Mountain a co-owner. “I started out about 15 years ago as a homebrewer in Las Vegas and decided to start a brewery in Reno where I son’s who graduated from UNR. I won some awards in state competitions so I have a feel for what people expect in my style of beer.”

Phil Mountain
Philip Mountain has been doing brewing for almost 2 decades and has the medals to prove he understands his craft.

Right now Phil has about a dozen beers on-tap that run the full range of palate demands-lagers, ales, IPA’s and a couple wheat beers. $6.50 for some 16.0 ounces for premium beer is not going to drive away any customer who like quality beer.

Stop by on 5th Steet or call for information at: 775-800-1176. Whoever answers the phone you can be sure it a member of Phil’s immediate family-wife, son’s or daughter-in-law’s.

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